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We think you will agree, the CollecStar 8000 is the most simple to maintain, energy efficient, and highly productive Automated Side Loader (ASL) on the market.

Our engineers have obtained data from owners, mechanics, operators, and other refuse professionals to determine what makes a great ASL. We have thoroughly reviewed this information and incorporated it into what we believe is the best ASL in today's market.

The CollecStar 8000 lift system is exclusively available with our route-proven MP 8000 horizontal eject unload body. The safe and stable arm system is designed with an easy-to-maintain patented single cylinder lift/dump motion. Other low maintenance and efficient features include
a simple electrical system that requires no electric limit, air limit, or
proximity switches on the lift mechanism and no need for PLC or
computer control of lift or packer.

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two Our unique body is designed to collect more and meet legal payloads. It's also designed for safe and easy uploading and is available in a variety of sizes from 20 to 37 yard capacities.