G-S Products


GSP Marketing, Incorporated is proud to offer the G-S Products family of mobile solid waste and recycling equipment. This line of highly specialized collection equipment incorporates quality and efficiency for today's refuse/recycling market. Design concepts proven through decades of use in the waste industry coupled with application specific innovation; give the G- S Products family outstanding performance and lasting value.

Time is money in the solid waste and recycling industry. Let us save you both with our highly efficient line of refuse and waste hauling trucks. Our product line includes side loaders, top loaders, side dumps, end dumps, high lift dumps, single and multi-flow bodies, compacting, non-compacting combinations, all recycling and solid waste collecting equipment. We also provide on-board plastic compactors, semi-automated cart dumpers and many custom configurations to meet your specific needs.

In 2011, GSP added the CollecStar8000 and the Dual Stand-Up to our product line. The CollecStar8000 is the most simple to maintain, energy efficient, and highly productive Automated Side Loader (ASL) on the market. Check out the new Dual Stand-Up Drive Combo, this unit offers dual operating positions if needed. The unit has safe in-cab transit for workers from stop-to-stop with easy step, low-entry cab access on both sides. The unit has optional dual or single steering position(s).

The latest addition to our line is the TC8100 Town & Country. This model not only handles loose, bagged, bulk, and cart trash, but has the ability to unload containers up to 4 cubic yards.